Current Members

Lab Manager
Alison Knill
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Alison has graduated from UBC with her BSc. majoring in Biological Psychology and is currently completing the UBC Master of Journalism program. Once she finishes, she is interested in pursuing science journalism, particularly focused on covering new research in neuroscience, psychology and health. For more information, visit her website here.


Graduate Students
Ryan Dwyer 
Ryan Dwyer Lab Website Photo

Ryan is a PhD student in Social Psychology at UBC. His broad interests are in judgment & decision making and well-being. Specifically, he is interested in how people decide to spend their time and money to improve their lives and the lives of others. His current projects explore the relationship between happiness and meaning, the impact of technology on our social lives, and the effect of volunteering on well-being.

Iris Lok

Iris is a Masters student in Social Psychology at UBC. Her research interests include technology, well-being, and judgment & decision-making. In particular, she is interested in (1) how technology affects our social interactions and relationships, (2) when technology should be used and when should it not, and (3) how technology can be used to improve well-being.


Directed Studies Students
Evan Eschelmuller

Evan is a directed studies student in the lab and a fourth year psychology student at UBC. He is currently involved in research looking at the relationship between technology use and well-being.


Senior Research Assistants
Toby Ng

Toby is a third year biopsychology student. He is currently undertaking a course in research methods and he is collaborating with the lab to study the relationship between technology use and well-being. He also collects data on the decision-making process in charitable giving.

 Nicole Rosa

Nicole is a Research Coordinator in the Happy Lab and a 5th Year BA Psychology student. Her general research interests are in happiness, well-being and pro-social behaviour and she hopes to pursue counselling in the future. She currently coordinates several studies in the lab that examine a range of topics from charitable giving and decision making to the trade-offs between time and money.

Cheyenne Ghag

Cheyenne is a fourth year undergraduate student completing her B.Sc. in Behavioral Neuroscience. She completed a course in research methods and collaborated with the lab to study how technology affects our relationships. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to pursue a career in healthcare.

Meagan Mak

Meagan is a fifth year psychology student and a study coordinator in the Happy Lab. She is interested in doing research about pro-social behavior and decision making in children and plans to persue clinical psychology in the future. She currently coordinates a study investigating how people choose between time and money, and whether negative emotions will arise after making these decisions.