Current Members

Lab Manager

Alison Knill

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Alison has graduated from UBC with her BSc. majoring in Biological Psychology and is currently completing the UBC Master of Journalism program. Once she finishes, she is interested in pursuing science journalism, particularly focused on covering new research in neuroscience, psychology and health. For more information, visit her website here.

Graduate Students

Ryan Dwyer

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Ryan is a PhD student in Social Psychology at UBC. His broad interests are in judgment & decision making and well-being. Specifically, he is interested in how people decide to spend their time and money to improve their lives and the lives of others. His current projects explore the relationship between happiness and meaning, the impact of technology on our social lives, and the effect of volunteering on well-being.

Iris Lok


Iris is a doctoral candidate in Social Psychology at UBC. She is interested in how people can make the most out of their social interactions. Her current projects look at how we can get strangers to connect with each other. More broadly, she is interested in using psychological research to make people happier and more socially connected.

Dunigan Folk


I’m broadly interested in how different aspects of the human experience contribute to living “the good life”. More specifically, I am interested in the influence our relationships, technology, and unpleasant states like boredom have on our happiness and the meaning we derive from our lives.

Directed Studies Students
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Senior Research Assistants
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