Current Members

Lab Manager

Ronnie Li

Ronnie is a 4th year Honours student majoring in psychology. Before this program, Ronnie also achieved a B.A. in journalism and a M.B.A. in business management. She has worked as a Public Relations Consultant for large corporations and now intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. She is passionate about research in morality and prosocial behaviors in general. Her current research is on exploring how to design a living space that prompts social connections among neighbors. For inquiries about the lab, contact Ronnie at

Graduate Students

Ryan Dwyer Lab Website Photo
Ryan Dwyer

Ryan is a PhD student in Social Psychology at UBC. His broad interests are in judgment & decision making and well-being. Specifically, he is interested in how people decide to spend their time and money to improve their lives and the lives of others. His current projects explore the relationship between happiness and meaning, the impact of technology on our social lives, and the effect of volunteering on well-being.

Iris Lok

Iris is a doctoral candidate in Social Psychology at UBC. She is interested in how people can make the most out of their social interactions. Her current projects look at how we can get strangers to connect with each other. More broadly, she is interested in using psychological research to make people happier and more socially connected.

Dunigan Folk

I’m broadly interested in how different aspects of the human experience contribute to living “the good life”. More specifically, I am interested in the influence our relationships, technology, and unpleasant states like boredom have on our happiness and the meaning we derive from our lives.

Honours Students

Charul Maheshka

Charul is a 4th year undergraduate student in the Psychology Honours program at UBC. She is interested in a wide range of topics in social psychology, such as the impact of culture on how individuals understand the self and give coherent meaning to their lives. Her current project investigates whether generosity is infectious, that is, whether recipients of prosocial spending are more likely to pay it forward to others when they do not have the opportunity to directly reciprocate. She is also working on a project to develop interventions that increase social interactions amongst strangers, to harness the benefits of this overlooked source of social connection. Charul aims to pursue a PhD in Social Psychology after she graduates.